Welcome to the Howard Legal Group

Howard Legal Group was formed in 2015 because we believed that the traditional model of legal services was failing. Therefore, we created a firm that focuses on commercial solutions that add value to our clients. HLG now acts for major domestic and international clients. Unlike other law firms, we don’t simply act on a once off basis. Rather, we carefully select clients that we know we can add value to again and again.

Although we are termed a “law firm”, we provide services far beyond simply reviewing agreements. Rather, we aim to negotiate deals and provide solutions for our clients that result in long lasting value. We believe that short terms win/loss outcomes that are not sustainable and cost our clients in the long term. Instead of simply collecting our fees and running, we instead will stand by the side of our clients for the long term.

Oil and Gas Projects

We advise on all aspects of Oil and Gas Joint Ventures including Joint Venture Agreements, Lifting & Balancing Agreements and Gas Sales Agreements

Renewable Energy Projects

Support clients looking to enter the rapidly growing renewable energy sector, including wind and solar projects

Mining Projects

We advise on joint venture issues related to mining projects, including gold and copper projects in Australia and overseas


  • We are not your typical law firm. Instead, we provide commercial and legal solutions that add value long term.
  • We carefully select our clients. We do not act for anyone and instead spend the time to evaluate a client to determine whether we can add value.
  • Building long term relationships through superior service: The highest level of service is our aim. Your calls do not go through to a secretary, but instead directly to your trusted advisor.
  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars preparing long winded advice that doesn’t help you, we instead sit down with you and explain options and solutions in a simple manner.
  • We have become long term trusted advisors for our clients. For this reason we limit the number of our clients to ensure that we can provide the highest level of service.
  • We aim to understand the client’s needs – not ours.

Key Clients