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Full Service Joint Venture Advisors

Full Service Joint Venture Advisors

Formation of Joint Ventures, including:

Joint Venture Agreements: A full service relating to the structuring and negotiation of JVA’s;

Incorporated Joint Ventures;

Shareholder Agreements;


Lifting and Balancing Agreements;


Lifting and Balancing Agreements;

Unitisation Agreements;

Farmin Agreements;

Confidentiality Agreements;

Other (there are too many to list, so just ask us!).

Running a Joint Venture

Once the Joint Venture is up and running, we assist in ensuring the project runs smoothly;

We participate in joint venture meetings on behalf of our clients on an ongoing basis;

Manage the Joint Venture;

Compliance with ASIC/regulatory requirements;

Ensure that the joint venture delivers what it was intended to deliver;

Ensure correct information flow;

Assist with management / operatorship of the joint venture;

Disputes in a Joint Venture

Despite the goodwill of parties, sometimes disputes occur;

We aim to assist in avoiding disputes by participating in early negotiations. For example, in many joint ventures a party will believe that they are not receiving what they are entitled to under the JVA, such as information from the manager / operator. We will assist the parties in resolving the issue BEFORE it get to the dispute stage;

Mediation: We can assist parties resolve disputes through mediation;

Negotiation: Our goal is to avoid costly disputes (we are not litigation lawyers and our goal is to create value, not erode it through a court!).

Exiting or selling an interest in a Joint Venture

Preparation of interest for sale;

Share Sale Agreements;

Sales & Purchase Agreements;

Farmout Agreements.